Beginning:  The point in time or space at which something starts.                                                                                                                                       Our beginnings started a couple of months after we arrived in Colombia in 1995, we were able to find a big house that had a huge area connected with a garage, this gave us the option to use this large room  for meetings when we started to deal with the folks in the area.  We moved in after many warnings from the neighboors  in the area, telling us that someone had been burried in the back yard, so I told the owner of the house (not landlord-only  Jesus is Lord) that I would rent the house since it had been there for soo long without been rented and that the neighbors had told us that there was a dead man burried in the back yard, that would bring some exitement, so I told him how much I was going to give him, and he said, OK, I will rent the house for that price. We lived in the second story while we started to meet with a small group in the first floor. The way it all started was when my wife, went to every door, in our long two blocks, to invite the children in the area, the first friday, we had about 30 children, and every friday there would be more children because the other ones would invite them to come. We would have games, singing, activities and about 10 minutes of preaching. But we would encourage them to learn verses and  memorize them, and every friday, they would recite de verse and each one that recited the verse, we would give them a candy or a toy or anthing that would encourage the rest to also do the same.

Soon after that, a father of one of the children stopped my wife as she was going to the store and asked her if she was the American lady that had given his son a new testament bible, she told the man that she was, and he asked her ” do you teach the bible?” she than told him that her husband did and send him to talk to me. When he came to nock on the door of our house, he introduced himself and asked me the same question, so i told him that I do teach the Bible, so he asked me if I could teach him and I said I would, so he said that he would be there at my house in the morning, next day at 7:00am he was nocking on my door, and he did that for 6 months. He worked at night and would get off at 6:00am and would be at my house by 7:00 am for me to teach him the Bible. After six months of teaching him about the salvation plan in different ways, he finally saw it real clear and he said to me, I am ready to receive Jesus as my Lord, and praise the Lord he got saved.


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